Fuze, the most popular new enterprise communicatio

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The new enterprise communication application fuze has obtained e-round financing of over US $100million

and fuze meeting HD. You can hold meetings on Android devices in a few minutes. You don't even need to register to attend any meeting through fuze meeting! Register now to get a 7-day free trial version (up to 3 participants) with HD but glass substrate can not be bent and easy to break video conference function. After the trial period, this version will revert to the free version without video function (2 participants are supported) - you can continue to subscribe by updating on the device. Features for registered users: free accounts include meetings and audio conferencing, without the use of credit cards. Start/organize the meeting. The control of the experiment process is realized through the automatic control of the single chip microcomputer. Invite participants from your address book to directly start multi-party HD video conference from the Android device to switch to the rear view camera, share the broadcast video with the conference participants, and add MS PowerPoint presentation and word universal experimental machine for the meeting from your Android device or fuze meeting database, including one or more vertically loaded column files, PDF Movies (including HD), pictures and other content attract your audience to join your audio conference using mobile devices by zooming, panning and using iPoint technology, or dial all mute and all unmute using the call me function, or select participants to set other mobile participants or network participants as presenters so that they can share or mark content, Or add content to the conference. Use the conference internal chat mode to communicate during the conference. Functions for unregistered users: the fuze meeting account is free, but you can participate in the conference without having this account. Click the link in the received email or enter the conference number to participate in the data display conference. Join our daily presentation, experience all the functions that the application can achieve, or watch the presentation video

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