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Artistic floor is a kind of inorganic pigment and high-strength wear-resistant material containing special minerals. This material can be used in public facilities and floors that need to enhance artistry, and can achieve good aesthetic effects

the raw material of artistic floor is a kind of high polymer color dry powder mortar, which is a high-tech new floor material. It can be used on the concrete surface to produce colorful color decorative surfaces with high strength and high wear resistance. It can also be used to re decorate and transform the walls and old floors, and truly simulate various patterns of wall tiles, tiles, stones, slate, floor tiles and so on in traditional building materials. The following editor will introduce the practice of artistic floor and precautions for artistic floor construction

artistic floor practice

1. Add about 1cm of cement slurry before the initial setting of the concrete surface, and the water mortar on the surface of the concrete should be evenly spread and roughened

2. Spread a good amount of hardening material on the concrete surface at the initial setting stage evenly. Use about two-thirds of the amount for the first time. After the initial setting, apply the hardening material for the second time, and use up one-third of the prevailing amount

3. According to the actual hardening of concrete, at least three times of manual iron plate polishing and leveling operations should be carried out, and attention should be paid to each other during the polishing operation

4. When the hardened material is initially set until the surface is dry without obvious moisture, evenly apply a layer of mold release powder matching with the hardened material

5. The most critical step is to keep the pattern mold fixed and flat for pressing according to the selected pattern. When pressing the pattern, pay attention to one-time forming without heavy pressing

6. It takes at least 2-3 days for the floor to be completely dry and solidified, and the pattern surface can be cleaned with water or detergent after drying

7. After cleaning and hardening the mold floor, it is basically formed. If you want to increase the appearance, you can apply liquid Brightener on the surface, which has the effect of curing and enhancing brightness

precautions for art floor construction

1. Construction on art floor is strictly prohibited in rainy or stormy days and weather below zero

2. Before paving concrete, it is necessary to make sure whether the subgrade is dense and whether reinforcement is required to prevent concrete fracture caused by foundation settlement

3. Concrete expansion joints should be reserved or concrete should be cut in time to prevent concrete cracking

4. The artistic floor should be closed for construction, and cross construction and pedestrians entering the construction area by mistake should be avoided

5. Concrete with higher grade (≮ C25 concrete) should be used for the bottom concrete of artistic floor

artistic floor characteristics

1. Artistic molding floor is a ground material with strong artistry and special decorative requirements. It is a kind of immediately available high-strength wear-resistant material containing special nano mineral aggregates, inorganic pigments and additives. Its advantages are easy construction, one-time molding, long service life, fast construction, convenient repair, not easy to fade, etc. at the same time, it makes up for the shortcomings of ordinary color pavement tiles, such as poor integrity, uneven, easy to loosen, short service cycle and so on

2. The color molded floor made of hardener materials has the characteristics of wear resistance, skid resistance, frost resistance, dust resistance, easy cleaning, high strength, impact resistance, and wide selectivity, flexibility, low cost and high-quality environmental protection in color and style. It is an ideal choice in the fields of gardens, municipal administration, parking lots, park trails, commercial blocks and cultural and entertainment facilities at present

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the practice of artistic floor and the precautions for artistic floor construction. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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