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The construction of the "the Belt and Road" has brought a peaceful, prosperous, open and innovative development path to Chinese enterprises

the construction of the "the Belt and Road" has brought a peaceful, prosperous, open and innovative development path to Chinese enterprises! China is also constantly deepening and improving the construction of the "the Belt and Road". Vietnam doors and windows first closely follow the national development strategy of "going out" and continue to connect with the world

overseas expansion products are exported

as early as 2007, Vietnam windows and doors took the lead in opening the overseas development strategy, and the products are exported to Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and other countries and regions. At the same time, in order to make the business of the enterprise develop in an all-round way, the brand effect spreads to the global market, vigorously expand overseas business, build a full network marketing network, implement the marketing idea of "domestic first, supplemented by export", and realize the "two legs" of domestic and foreign trade. Through high-quality products to create a reputation, continue to cultivate the foreign door and window market, win customer recognition and long-term cooperation

world integration and enthusiastic participation

with the continuous deepening of the construction of the the Belt and Road, Xianyue doors and windows also continue to penetrate into the international cooperation, win-win, exchange and mutual learning of the door and window industry. In 2017, Xianyue doors and windows participated in Dubai's "big 5" for the first time, realizing further integration with the world, so that Xianyue doors and windows, as well as China's smart manufacturing, can be heard abroad! At the same time, Xianyue doors and windows are shining at worldbex, one of the most important building materials exhibitions in Asia - Manila building materials exhibition in the Philippines! Conduct in-depth exchanges with exhibitors from various countries on industry prospects, products, technological innovation and other perspectives, and explore the future development of the door and window industry! Let the development of the "the Belt and Road" take off and set sail

overseas investigation and in-depth development

the construction of China's "the Belt and Road" will enable more countries to participate in the wave of economic construction, and allow more enterprises to work together to share the development achievements of human civilization. In the construction of the "the Belt and Road", Xianyue doors and windows has set up overseas investigation teams for many times to go deep into the local market, focus on the world and constantly radiate the foreign market. We have reached a strategic cooperation with sethapat (1990) Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand, to jointly create domestic and foreign home furnishing markets and bring high-quality Chinese door and window products to the world. In addition, we conducted an in-depth and detailed investigation on the building materials market in Southeast Asia, and comprehensively and steadily implemented the "three-step" plan of "taking root in Southeast Asia, radiating the Asia Pacific and focusing on the world" of Vietnam first, so that the "the Belt and Road" of the door and window industry can continue to radiate to more countries and regions

since its establishment, Xianyue doors and windows has always adhered to the responsibility of "details bear the beauty of details", and earnestly paid attention to all links of product research and development, production, sales, service and so on. First Vietnam people will work together, adhering to the principle of excellence in product quality, to create high-quality, healthy, environmental friendly, energy-saving doors and windows for customers at home and abroad, and create a healthy and happy life

with the east wind of the "the Belt and Road", Xianyue doors and windows continues to expand overseas markets, embrace new ideas for development, and lead the development future of "overseas expansion" of China's door and window industry. It is believed that the bright future of Xianyue doors and windows is coming




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