Zhanchen 2017 moves forward to the future

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As a representative of Chinese national coating enterprises, in the past 2016, we showed a wonderful exhibition to the whole industry with a strong bearing and a set of beautiful data

the wind and rain on Zhongshan turn pale, and millions of heroes cross the river

the tiger sits on the dragon's plate, this is better than the past, and the earth is overturned, generous and generous

as the representative of Chinese national coating enterprises, in the past 2016, we showed a wonderful exhibition to the whole industry with a magnificent bearing and a set of beautiful data

with confidence, open a promising 2017

at the beginning of 2017, zhanchen people shouted the word "scream goal", and everyone was full of hope for the future, even a vision - we believe that with continuous efforts, zhanchen furniture paint will continue to maintain a strong development momentum and become the first brand of Chinese furniture paint with full advantages; Based on the excellent results achieved in 2016, classic decoration paint will once again break the historical record and achieve more rapid growth; On the hard foundation laid by zhanchen industrial paint, 2017 is bound to usher in a year of rapid development; Zhanchen overseas business department has officially set sail. Centering on the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road" and the ambition of "Chinese paint going global", zhanchen will surely open a new chapter in globalization

from this, we can see that the ideal in our hearts is not a simple feeling, but a visible and tangible planning and practice under the hard work of every zhanchen person; What will make us scream is not only more beautiful business data, but also the growth and harvest of every zhanchen person

build a dream for the future and achieve the future of Chinese coatings

having an ideal is the biggest driving force for Zhan Chen to move forward. The past achievements only prove his efforts. We also know that what is in front of Zhan Chen is not a broad road, but thorns and difficulties

therefore, we must set higher goals for ourselves and raise our cognition to a higher dimension; Facing the future, we should not only roll up our sleeves and work hard, but also strengthen our faith - believe in the future, and we will have the future

it is better to chase down the poor invaders with the remaining courage than to sell your name and learn from the overlord

if the sky is sentimental, the sky is also old. The right path in the world is vicissitudes

we are not afraid of vicissitudes, we stick to the right path; We have love and righteousness, we go forward one after another

in 2017, zhanchen people will turn their humility and diligence into a fearless force to break through, fight and win the future

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