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Future development trend of corrugated box processing continued

6 The corrugated box industry actively develops new products and expands application fields

corrugated box enterprises should timely adjust service objects, improve traditional corrugated boxes and develop new products and varieties. For example, develop corrugated cardboard pallets, corner strips, paper tubes, honeycomb cardboard, supermarket shelves, etc. At the same time, expand the application field of corrugated boxes, develop to paper instead of wood, paper instead of plastic, paper instead of bamboo, paper instead of metal (paper cans), paper instead of bottles, and expand the field of paper packaging

7. Forestry and paper integration reform

with the improvement of the quantitative and quality requirements for corrugated base paper, the pulp used in domestic production of corrugated base paper has also changed from straw pulp used most in the past to wood pulp used most at present. For a long time, China's paper industry resources have been lack of unified and coordinated planning. Tree planting, pulping, papermaking, box making and waste paper recycling work independently. In addition, China's forest resources are scarce, and wood pulp has been dependent on imports for a long time, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the paper industry. China's forest area ranks fifth in the world, but the per capita area is very small. It is necessary to protect forest resources and rationally develop forest resources at the same time. The fundamental problem of "forestry paper integration" lies in "forestry". Forestry should be planned at the height of China's national strategy. In order to thoroughly reform the forestry management system, we must create a loose and orderly environment for private forestry paper enterprises by clarifying property rights and implementing special fiscal and tax financing policies. Only in this way can we fundamentally realize the "integration of forestry and paper"

8. The standards, specifications and prices of corrugated boxes should be in place.

at present, there are hundreds of different specifications of corrugated boxes with the fracture surface within 45 ° of the axis of the test piece in China. The industry standards cannot be in line with international standards in time, which adds unnecessary trouble to the machinery and plate making of the carton factory. In foreign developed countries, the standards are unified, and users and processing plants use unified standard boxes; The specifications of cartons are unified. Users can make cartons according to the unified specifications, but the specifications cannot be many. Therefore, it is necessary to learn foreign management experience

9. Vigorously develop folding packaging boxes, with broad market prospects

as an environmental protection packaging product, folding packaging boxes are widely used. Foldable packing boxes are very popular in the international market. The promotion of foldable packing boxes can promote the standardization and standardization of commodities in the Chinese market. They can make commodities more beautiful and convenient to carry. They are deeply loved by consumers

10. Forming a unique and open system for corrugated box processing the Pearl River Delta, as the most mature region in the development of packaging industry in China, has the most perfect and advanced corrugated box processing and production technology. As the country starts to build the packaging industry base in the Yangtze River Delta and North China, the future development center will be transferred to the Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas led by Shanghai. The industry should promote the exchange and cooperation of corrugated packaging box processing technology in the central and western regions

with the continuous investment of foreign-funded enterprises, the domestic corrugated processing industry has gradually formed a development system in which foreign capital, joint ventures and private enterprises coexist. Foreign funded enterprises have strong strength, high-grade equipment and advanced management technology; The equipment and technology of the joint venture have been greatly improved due to the injection of foreign capital; Private enterprises are the foundation of the whole industry, covering a wide range and a large amount. The three types of enterprises compete and depend on each other

with the formation of large enterprises in the industry, there has been a specialized division of labor in the corrugated box industry. Corrugated boards are centrally produced by the corrugated production lines of large enterprises and distributed to small and medium-sized enterprises to process Cartons, creating a cooperation system for large and medium-sized enterprises. At present, this system is not mature. The production of large enterprises is not concentrated enough, which is very important in the production of products whose cost is not much more than before. The grade of products is not enough; There are too many and disorderly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the equipment is backward. The domestic industrial structure still needs to be constantly adjusted and developed, and gradually move towards modern production and processing

the processing technology of corrugated boxes is closely related to papermaking technology and printing technology, which must be organically combined. In the past, the paper industry was not loaded and separated from carton processing for a long time. The industrial structure was unreasonable, resulting in a waste of resources. The process of combining the two lies in resource integration. However, cartons have long been heavy paperboard, light printing and low quality. With the centralized processing of corrugated paper production lines, the high-grade printing equipment and the progress of printing technology, the quality of paperboard and the overall printing effect of cartons are getting better and better. In recent years, the post process printing technology of cartons has been paid attention to, and the flexo printing technology will be the future development direction

the organic combination system of papermaking, cartons and printing is the quality basis of corrugated box products, and the process of combination is the process of carton modernization

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