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Fushun Petrochemical new town has become one of the five major cluster bases including synthetic rubber. Relying on the resources of "ten million tons of oil refining and one million tons of ethylene", Fushun Petrochemical new town has formulated the development plan of high-tech industries and the industrial layout of Petrochemical new town, highlighted the investment attraction of industries and parks, and made a historic breakthrough in the construction of Petrochemical new town projects. Such an industrial park that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions has achieved a leap from scratch and from weak to strong

houyongzhi, deputy secretary of Dongzhou District Party committee, said: "the total built-up area of industrial parks such as high-tech industrial park, Lanshan fine chemical industry park, Haixin Industrial Park, environmental protection equipment Industrial Park and Biotechnology Industrial Park has reached 6.5 square kilometers, which will play an important supporting role in Fushun's industrial and economic transformation."

a number of industrial projects have settled in one after another, making the industry cluster, the most common and serious problem in the market, take shape. Houyongzhi told: "five industrial clusters, namely, new chemical materials, organic chemicals, synthetic rubber and fine chemicals, and plastic wax, have basically taken shape, realizing the industrial undertaking of big B and adding enough olefin resources according to the demand. The carbon fiber industrial cluster will become the largest production base of carbon fiber to improve the performance of waterproof materials in China and the backbone of economic development."

among them, the "new chemical materials industry cluster" is led by the 7000 ton/year composite carbon material project invested by Fangtai precision carbon material company with an investment of 4.7 billion yuan; The "synthetic rubber industrial cluster" is led by the carbon 5 deep processing co production of 40000 t/a isoprene rubber project with an investment of 960million yuan by Qingdao ICOS; The "organic chemical industry cluster" is led by the OCU combined plant series projects with an investment of 9.3 billion yuan from Liaoning Tongyi petrochemical; The "fine chemical industry cluster" has introduced 9 projects with a total investment of 1.12 billion yuan, including pharmaceutical intermediates, series of chemical additives, industrial paints, etc; The "plastics and paraffin wax industrial cluster" is led by the HDPE deep processing project invested by Yitong pipe industry with an investment of 360million yuan

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